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   1st WAY


  You can buy the book of your choice by bank deposit into the account:

IBAN GR69 0171 5790 0065 7914 1409 077 Piraeus Bank. 

In this case, you will need to send us the receipt of the deposit to e-mail:

 You will additionally be charged postage expenses, as detailed below.



  2nd WAY


  You can buy the book of your choice, by paying on delivery when you receive it.

In this case, you will be charged postage expenses and also paying delivery charges, as described below in detail.



  3rd WAY


  If you want to buy more than one book, send us a message, as above on the "COMMUNICATION" button, so as to send you the exact charges according to its postage weight.


  If you have difficulties or have any questions, send us a message above on the "COMMUNICATION" button, so we can send you the exact charges or answers to your questions.



The Posting of our books is carried out by the Hellenic Post Office ELTA unless you request us to send your package to another Carrier Company of your choice. The charges are as follows:




Posting Charges for inside Hellas is 2.20€.


The charge for paying on delivery for all over Hellas is 2.30€ more, from the additional posting charge amount.





The charge for paying on delivery is 2.30€ more than the additional posting charge amount.


ZONE   1


The charge for the 1st Zone is 7.80€.


In the 1st Zone are the following Countries:

Countries of the E. U. (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Denmark, Esthonia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Letonia, Lithuania, Malta, Holland, Hungary, Polland, Portugal, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, and Cyprus for more than 100grams. weight), as well as Luxembourg, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway.


ZONE   2


The charge for the 2nd Zone is 10.80€.


In the 2nd Zone are the rest of the European Countries and all the Countries belonging to the rest of the World.




   Reminded that in case you request us to post your package with another kind of Posting Company of your own choice, you will be burdened with the charges accordingly imposed by your Posting Company.

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